Digital Presentation on Social Concerns




 (Middle – Wing)                     

                                                Classes VI – VIII                                                                         

Digital Presentation on Social Concerns


As an adapted educational program trailed at JMJ, on 8 September, Students of the middle wing (Classes 6-8) were cognized with a digital workshop in apropos of varied social concerns oppressing Indian society at large. The activity embraced discussions on multiple drawbacks and obstacles being faced by citizens of the country at large viz inequality, gender discrimination, unity among people etc to sensitize children about the listed social concerns. Being an aesthetic activity, students were permitted to pour out their thoughts and opinions on digital canvas. The workshop was concluded by appreciating the best ones with a huge round of applause.


          Rank Holders:

            1st Position              Nirvair Nanda         VIII A

            2nd Position              Aryan Masih           VI A

            3rd Position              Naysa Gupta           VII B















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