Hats of Knowledge & Flower and Bouquet Arrangement

To encourage students to take part actively in extracurricular activities apart from regular curriculum, our school has conducted quiz and flower arrangement activities which were organized on 24 October 2019.

The theme was “Hats of Knowledge” G.K Quiz for the classes VI A and VI B and Arrangement of flowers for the classes VII A and VII B

Students of VI A and VI B classes were divided into eight groups and each group had 6 students. Each group was given different colours and each table was beautifully decorated with balloons and charts.

Quiz was conducted in four rounds and after elimination rounds two groups reached final and they were awarded best 1st and 2nd groups.

Students were happily participated and excited to give answers and main motive to conduct such activity is to develop a competitive spirit among them.

For the students of classes VII A and B a competition of flower arrangement was conducted to encourage them in doing and learning method of creative work where they used different varieties of flowers and beautifully decorated in a vase.

Lastly the competition was concluded by giving fair judgment by our Judges.

We congratulate all the participants and winners who actively prepared well and participated with high spirits.

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