Political Science Activity

Presentation of Cold War and its Threat to the World Peace

Jesus Mary Joseph firmly believes in focusing on the holistic development of the students. With this aim, the school conducted an online ?? POLITICAL SCIENCE ACTIVITY?? for Humanities students of class XII on 10 May 2021. Students were divided into three teams, with five students in each team. Each team presented their views on the Korean War as one of the proxy wars during the time of the cold war. All the teams participated with dynamic energy. Each student explained their part in a very interesting way and surprised all with their presentation skills. Though all the teams have done a splendid job, the presentation of team 1 was commendable so they were awarded 1st position.

Altogether it was an elevating experience to all. Kudos to the winners!!

Results: Team A won

1. Vanisha Sareen

2. Prabhjot Kaur

3. Garv Chauhan

4. Syon Reji

5. Dhruv Gandhi

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