Stress Management

‘’The cheerful mind preserves and the strong mind hews it’s way through a thousand difficulties’’’--- Swami Vivekananda


With this thought in mind aworkshop was conducted on Stress Management on 5 July, 2021for the students of Class XI and XII . The resource person for the same was Ms. Shany Babu .


Physical comforts are increasing day by day but at the cost of increase in mental stress. 

In this workshop, various ways for coping with our incessant Stress was being proposed like doing meditation,deep breathing,  proper sleep , having a nutritional diet, self care, being assertive in actions etc.


During this time of Health Crisis in the world, peer pressure, family problems, pressure of performing good in exams have taken a toll on the mental health of the students as all these problems often left unheard and unsolved and this can lead to severe consequences such as depression, self harm and even suicide


This was an interactive session with the students, the learned resource person talked about the various types of stress and their influence along with this students were also told about the ways in which they can reduce their stress to maintain a healthy mental state like contemplating the to do list, taking time for oneself, listening to soft music , creating a hobby


Such initiative was commendable in the present scenario as it is rightly said that, Today\'s Youth is Tomorrow\'s future.





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