Vocab-O Meter Activity

Classes I-II

“Vocabulary is a matter or word,

Building as well as word using”

 –David Crystal

A vocabulary, usually developed with age, serves as a useful and fundamental tool for

communication and acquiring knowledge. Keeping the very same theme in our mind, we

at JMJ organized ‘VOCAB-O-METER ACTIVITY’ for our young students of classes I and II,

on the 4 August 2021. Kids participated enthusiastically in this activity and presented their

work on an A4 size sheet. They used topics such as singular - plurals and adjectives to

express their thoughts. It made them realize the importance and power of enriched words in

enhancing all the four linguistic skills in language learning. To boost our kids’ morale, their

work was ranked with First, Second and Third position.

Results for this activities are mentioned below: - (class 1 and 2)



Disha Mukherjee 1A

Pranit Batra 1B

Toyaj and Niharika 2A

Shanaya and Viraj Gupta 2B



Sanya Chopra 1A

Purvi Makan 1B

Aalfin Sam 2A

Nandish and Jiyansh Arora 2B



Aayush and Archit Madan 1A

Aanya Chopra 1B

Divyansh Arora and Reyansh Pahwa 2A

Ananya 2B


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