Water Conservation Day



         Water Conservation Awareness Activity

Water scarcity today has become a big issue which if not dealt with in time, will turn out to be a hazard. To make our students aware of conserving the water, various activities were conducted virtually on 23 July, 2021.wherein students were sensitized to take care of every drop of water and not waste it unnecessarily.  

 We also believe that learning the water harvesting process at school level will help student’s future life. So if a student incorporates the thoughts and techniques for water conservation mainly rainwater, rather than wasting it then it will become a success pillar to build the modern mindful society.

 The students participated with great interest in the activities like poster making, drawings, speeches etc. These activities inculcated in them a true spirit to prevent water wastage in however small way they can. Our future stakeholders also assured to work for the cause by taking conservative steps and inspiring others to follow.






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